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  • Real energy independence vs importing
  • Avoids environmental costs of overseas shipping
  • Meets and exceeds all federal Buy America requirements
  • Money spent stimulates the US economy and creates US jobs
  • Processes meet stringent US labor and environmental policies
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Private Label Panels

Want to sell your own US Manufactured Solar Panels separately listed on ETL and CEC?

Soon you will be able to replicate our design, without all the hassle of going through the lengthy certification process, survive the trial and error phase, refine your recipe and manufacturing process, etc. Let us handle to difficult part

Click the link below and drop us a line to discuss quantities, pricing, and availability.

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Are All Panels Equal?

UL/CEC Listed Panels
For most incentive programs, panels must be ETL or UL Listed and may require CEC listing as well. These insure they meet quality and safety requirements.
Not all panels sold are certified.
STC(Standard Test Conditions), the nameplate of the panel (e.g. 235 Watt), differs from PTC (PVUSA Test Conditions), used by CEC (California Energy Commission Website). The PTC rating, is generally recognized as a more realistic measure of PV output because the test conditions better reflect "real-world" solar and climatic conditions, compared to the STC rating.
The closer the PTC to the STC, the better the panel quality is.
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AffordaSolar New Panel Design

We currently have one module in design, a poly version that will change how residential and small commercial customers view installations.

Click the Download button when available to open our specification product sheet.

coming soon
Solar Energy System for Commercial Properties

Federal Tax Credits, Incentives, and Accelerated Depreciation Schedules all add up to incredible ROI.

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Solar Energy Systems for Developers

Our ideas are outside the traditional box. Our goal is to make solar viable without incentives, rebates, etc..

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Solar Energy Systems for Agriculture

Powering remote buildings, water pumping, electric fences are a few uses for PV Panels.

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Solar Energy Systems for Government

As a public sector member, you are in a position to lead the way for your community by powering your govt. and municipal buildings with solar energy.

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Stay Tuned

Revolutionary new Product using the same Components as traditional Mono/Poly Panels at a fraction of the cost.